What are the different ways someone can hold title?

Joint tenants, where owners have survivorship rights when one or more other owners die. Tenants in common, where owners retain individual rights to the property, as interests are disposed of as part of their estate, and does not pass to other owners. Trustees, where title is held for the benefit of beneficiaries, etc.

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What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is a policy that insures that a property owner is able to have what’s called “good title”. Meaning the owner is able to convey land to someone else, because they have the proper legal ownership required.

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Is Title Insurance mandatory?

Title Insurance is not mandatory. It usually takes the place of searches that can be conducted by a lawyer respecting: zoning compliance, building permits outstanding, tax arrears, utilities arrears, which can add up to be more costly than the Title Insurance premium.  Accordingly, a lawyer often recommends title insurance to take the place of these.

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