Residential and commercial property owners mortgage their property for many reasons, including shortening terms of a loan, taking advantage of reduced interest rates, reducing monthly payments and obtaining emergency funds.

JP Lin Law Professional Corporation can provide much-needed guidance for clients taking out their second or third mortgage or transferring a mortgage. In conjunction with your real estate agent or financial adviser, we can help you decide the best mortgage for your situation and help you understand the legal liabilities you are signing up for when you take on a mortgage.

Our Markham mortgage lawyer will:

  • Explain the legal aspects of your mortgage or refinance, including helping you comply with obligations imposed by a lender, by explaining the details of your documents
  • Do any searches required
  • Get a discharge of your current mortgage
  • Complete registration of your mortgage on your title
  • Meet with you to sign documents
  • Pay out all parties involved

Our office handles both private mortgages and institutional mortgages and refinances. Our lawyer can help you get a new transfer and answer any questions you have about Ontario mortgages and how they can affect you financially and legally.


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