If you run your own business, you have enough to deal with. Real estate should not be one of your worries.

If your commercial transactions include buying or selling commercial real estate, we can help you understand your rights and responsibilities under Ontario real estate law. We can also help investors and small-business owners involved in commercial real estate deals make sure their purchase and sale contracts are solid and protect their legal and financial interests, particularly if their commercial property involves new construction. We can also help you with mortgage or refinancing transactions for your commercial properties.

Our Markham commercial real estate lawyer understands the intricacies of commercial real estate for purchase and sale in the Greater Toronto Area as well as commercial leasing. We can help you understand them, too.

If your company has a commercial lease, there may be all sorts of conditions on the lease that can seriously affect your bottom line. When examining potential leases or helping you negotiate a lease, we will go over these conditions so that you are aware of any potential trouble spots.

For example, a commercial lease may contain:

  • Conditions about the maintenance of units
  • Terms to protect your business, such as clauses that prevent the landlord of a mall from having two or more businesses of the same type in the mall
  • Clauses protecting the commercial landlord’s financial interests
  • A section that describes how conflicts should be resolved if either side feels that the other has violated the terms and conditions of the lease

Come and talk to us. We can help you negotiate a lease that is to your benefit, explain the conditions of your lease and help you find solutions if your business is suffering because of problems in your lease.


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