Your business is important to you and requires your attention to every detail. When legal difficulties arise, they can put enormous stress on you and your family, take your attention away from running your business, and threaten your financial stability.

At JP Lin Law Professional Corporation, we understand your concerns and want to help make sure that legal difficulties don’t derail your business. We will listen to your situation and consider all of your concerns before offering legal advice. We can provide an understanding of business issues in Markham and surrounding areas, as well as in-depth understanding of cultural issues within the Asian business community.

We also offer reasonable prices and a flexible schedule.

Whether you are starting out in business, selling or buying a business, or dealing with legal difficulties, we can answer your questions and help you chart your course. Our Markham corporate commercial lawyer can offer you advice on many aspects of Ontario business law, including:

  • Steps needed to incorporate a company
  • Negotiating business contracts that put your interests first
  • Understanding and signing already drafted business contracts
  • Liability issues
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Purchase and sale of commercial property and commercial leases
  • Purchase and sale of shares or assets in a business or corporation

Our aim is to help you structure your affairs and contracts in such a way as to avoid any legal difficulties in the future. We can also help you understand and decide the best course of action if your business is involved in a legal dispute.


Jennie can help take the stress out of your legal difficulties and help you get back to business